About Lendogram

One of the root causes of our environmental problems is hyper-consumption. At an individual level, it’s disturbing how much stuff we each collect, and collectively it’s simply mind-boggling how much we consume.

We buy too much of what we don’t need and often even what we don’t really want.

Lendogram is founded on the belief that we have all the resources and stuff we need within the network of people we know. And when we share with friends and help them, we end up creating a better life for ourselves.

Lendogram’s mission is to make sharing with friends easier than renting from strangers.

The Lendogram sharing blog is for eco-conscious individuals who want to share first before buying. Share with friends or people you know, whether within your community or workplace. We focus on bringing useful information, advice, insights, research, resources, inspiration on sharing so it’s easier for you to ask to borrow stuff you need from a friend and feel comfortable lending stuff your friends need knowing you will get your stuff back.

Lendogram, founded by Nooshin Mohtashami focuses on delivering the best platform to help you share your stuff with people you know. Anything from money to household items can be shared. Sharing saves money and the planet from excessive waste. Sharing creates stronger communities.
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